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"The PeaceBuilders Story"

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What is Peace?

1. This is a true story. One year there was a big war. Children all over the world saw it on TV. A group of children in one town saw children hurt by violence. Some children in that city asked their teacher, "Why can't some grown-up write a book on how people can get along better, so there won't be so much violence? We want to line in a better, more peaceful world and city."
2. Their teacher thought and thought about their question. "That's a good idea. Maybe I can write a book like that with the help of the children in my class."

3. Some grown-ups in the city also thought the book was a great idea. They said, "We'll pay for the book to go to every child in every city."

4. Soon, thousands and thousands of books were printed, put in boxes, and sent to children at their schools.

5. At first, the children who got the books were doubtful. They didn't think anything would work. "Nothing children do can make a difference at our school."

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