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Continuing Education Units

The American Council on Education’s Continuing Education Unit (CEU) was created to provide a standard unit of measure, to quantify continuing adult education and training activities, and serve the diversity of providers, activities, and purposes in adult education. CEUs are commonly used by individuals to supply an employer or prospective employer with information on continuing education and training experiences and to provide documentation to registration boards, certification boards, or professional organizations.

PeaceBuilders is happy to offer CEUs through PeaceBuilders trainings. Participants at PeaceBuilders trainings will be able to count their time at the training toward a CEU. These CEUs are awarded by the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered through California State University, Long Beach, University College and Extension Services (UCES). One CEU will be equivalent to ten contact hours. Example: a four-hour PeaceBuilders Essentials training would equal 0.4 CEU. In order for participants to receive the appropriate number of CEUs or portion of a CEU, each participant must fill out a CEU request form and pay a minimal fee.

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