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All of the PeaceBuilders Materials and other materials created by PeacePartners, Inc. are protected by Federal and International legal and ethical trademarks and copyrights. As a school /site participating in the PeaceBuilders Program, you are granted special, limited rights to duplicate and otherwise use these materials in your school. This special permission is called a “Site License,” and there are specific rights and responsibilities that come along with it.

What is covered by the Site License?
As a licensee, your site is permitted to use PeaceBuilders Materials within the confines of your school campus for the purposes of teaching, promoting, or informing. This permission includes the use of PeaceBuilders Reproducible items. You may use PeaceBuilders Artwork on posters, banners, signs, bulletin boards and in classroom lessons.

You may also use PeaceBuilders Materials outside the school when used as “take-home” items for your students.

What are your responsibilities under the Site License?
Any time you use artwork, text, or any other intellectual property belonging to PeacePartners, you are required to place the appropriate notice of the trademark and copyright on the document. PeacePartners supplies examples of copyright and trademark notices to licensed schools for their use. Failure to place the appropriate notices could result in substantial consequences.

You are allowed to enlarge, shrink, and combine PeaceBuilders illustrations for your particular PeaceBuilders Program needs. If you want to make significant changes (such as changing the expression on the face of a child in an illustration, adding buildings to the background, placing new objects in the hands of the children in the illustrations, etc ), you do need to be sure that such distortions are pre-approved, in writing, by PeacePartners, Inc. Direct use or translation of up to 250 words into another language is permitted for use in your school; you must have the written approval of PeacePartners to translate more that 250 words or to use copies of the translations outside of your school.

PeacePartners encourages your to explore creative applications of PeaceBuilders Materials and we regularly grant permission to reproduce the materials in many situations not covered or specifically mentioned by this license. If you have an idea you would like to develop, please call us or contact us online at our email address:

What is not permitted under the Site License?
You may not duplicate entire or substantial parts of PeaceBuilders Materials unless specifically indicated on the document or item in question. (Reproducible Binders for instance, are specifically indicated as okay for duplication for your schools/sites use under this license).

You may not give, loan, sell, and so on, any copies of PeaceBuilders materials, even those okay for duplication under this license, to other schools (even within your own District) or to businesses, or any other organization.

You may NOT use PeaceBuilders materials or art work in the media-newspaper, television, radio, internet, or any other form nor for commercial purposes, including fundraising, without first obtaining proper additional written licenses from PeacePartners.

You can not use PeaceBuilders Materials for commercial purposes. This means that, without obtaining a separate license from PeacePartners, you may not name a product using PeaceBuilders Vocabulary (such as PeaceBuilders Pizza, PeaceBuilders Clinic, PeaceBuilders Pump Athletic Shoe), nor can you use PeaceBuilders materials for products such as tray liners or table tents, or on other logo items for sale (such as T-shirts, caps, buttons, mugs, greeting cards, pencils, calendars, etc.).

Any use of PeaceBuilders materials in collateral materials or merchandise must be pre-approved in writing by PeacePartners. This means that if you want to use PeaceBuilders materials on T-shirts, buttons, pencils, caps or any item that is distributed whether sold, awarded or otherwise a licensing agreement must be obtained. Call PeacePartners or contact us online at our email:

What else?
Any time you are in doubt as to whether something you want to do is covered by your site license, please call PeacePartners or contact us online at our email address:

We understand that there are local circumstances that require special treatment of the PeaceBuilders materials. We also recognize that individuals may have ideas of great value. That is why we often purchase the rights to use ideas developed by people in the field, so ideas can be shared by all of the schools and organizations using the PeaceBuilders program throughout the country.

The site license is agreed to by PeacePartners and your school as part of the contract agreement that allowed PeaceBuilders to become part of your school.

Please check the current site license information and fine print on the other locations of this web site.

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Any new and/or developed materials, items, internet items and other formats which include the PeaceBuilders name and /or copyrighted information, illustration, etc. are the property for PeacePartners, Inc. and are considered derivative works, PeacePartners, Inc. maintains the right to use anything which bears the PeaceBuilders name, PeacePartners name and any copyrighted materials without notice or prior permission. All new or revised materials, videos and other formats are derivative works whose benefit shall incur to PeacePartners, Inc.

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