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Support Coaching Services

Supporting Your PeaceBuilding Efforts, Coaching You for Success.

On-site and remote coaching is available to help you implement PeaceBuilders faithfully and effectively. Our experienced, knowledgeable Support Coaches will work with you to develop a customized plan to build peace at your site and will be available for regularly scheduled consultation meetings as you put your plan into action. Coaching will ensure you achieve the peaceful environment you envision.
Complementary Support:
  • Toll free phone line access: We are available to receive phone calls from 7:30am until 5:30pm PST Monday through Friday. Call 877-473-2236 to speak to a PeaceBuilder who will answer questions, offer advice, and assist with order placement.
  • PeaceBuilders website access: All PeaceBuilders sites have access to our regularly updated, informative website. Licensed members can register to obtain access to Members Only which allows you to obtain valuable information, order Implementation Tools at a discount, obtain up to the minute information about the PeaceBuilders program and download activities for children.
  • Monthly PeaceRelease newsletter: All PeaceBuilders can sign up to receive our exciting and informative newsletter, which contains important news, inspirational activity ideas and lesson plans, money saving offers, and other relevant information. Sign up here. (NOTE: You must log in to view this page.)
Remote Coaching: To ensure your PeaceBuilding success, you can schedule regular phone meetings to confer with your PeaceBuilders Support Coach about implementation and other relevant issues. Remote coaching can occur via:
  • Email
  • Telephone
On-Site Coaching: Our PeaceBuilders Support Coaches are excited to visit your site to help you create and maintain your PeaceBuilders culture and climate. Many options for on-site coaching are possible. To serve your specific needs, PeaceBuilders Support Coaches can:
  • Model / Conduct
    • Classroom lessons
    • Staff activities
    • Parent education
    • Outdoor activities
  • Present to
    • Administration / Staff
    • PeaceBuilders Leadership Team
    • District Officials / Company Directors
    • Parents or Youth
  • Develop
    • Problem solving strategies
    • School assessment
    • Data collection
  • Observe
    • PeaceBuilders event
    • Staff meeting
    • Site implementation of PeaceBuilders
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