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PeacePartners, Inc. honors our valued partners by celebrating their passion for peace, their creative ideas, and the wonderful implementation strategies they incorporate.

As we continue to support our partners, it is our privilege to showcase PeaceBuilders sites. Don't just take our word for it. Read about some featured sites as they explored their problems, developed their PeaceBuilders solution, and discovered positive outcomes! We invite you to sit back and explore the fantastic PeaceBuilding events happening throughout the United States and U.S. Territories.

Joaquin Miller Elementary School - Burbank, CA
We love hearing about the wonderful site-wide events PeaceBuilders sites develop as a way of beginning a conversation with young people about the meaning of “peace.” These creative events spark meaningful conversations about our individual responsibility as PeaceBuilders to increase peace each day, and they help children and teens realize their crucial role in the process.

Staff and students at Joaquin Miller Elementary School began this school year by creating classroom Peace Flags. Each classroom from Kindergarten through fifth grade designed and produced their own flag to illustrate what peace means to them.

All the flags were presented at a school-wide assembly where they realized that although their flags are each unique, their visions of a peaceful school, community and world are very much in sync.
Ms. Staci Coller, a first/second grade teacher at Joaquin Miller holds the flag her class worked together to create.
Second grader, Oleg, holds the flag he and his classmates made.
Lisa proudly holds the Peace Flag created by everyone in her classroom.
Room 40 is responsible for the magnificent Peace Flag David holds.
Kindergarteners, Marleigh, Aot and Rachel display their fantastic Peace Flags.
This flag includes the attributes of a PeaceBuilder along with beautiful illustrations.
Room 36 used the symbol of peace to arrange their peaceful vision. All the students’ names are included on the flag to symbolize their commitment to building peace.
Meaningful pictures and ideas radiate from the peaceful center of the Peace Flag Room 25 created.
This inspirational Peace Flag reminds us of the Principles in the PeaceBuilders Pledge.
All the children in this class drew pictures of themselves and wrote about how they plan to increase peace.
To represent their vision of peace, the young people who created this Peace Flag wrote about what peace means to them and formed their thoughts into a peace sign.
Teaching PeaceBuilders lessons is a way to unify the young people in each classroom. Bringing the individual classroom lessons together in a site-wide activity is an ingenious way of showing all the children that they are working toward the same goal and that their PeaceBuilders family is bigger than their classroom group.

One person alone can create meaningful change. One small group or classroom can develop a peaceful climate. An entire site or school can change a culture.

We praise Principal Judy Hession and her staff for coordinating this inspirational event at Joaquin Miller Elementary School. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm the students have shown. Their visions of peace are remarkable and give us great hope and optimism for the future.

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