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As our way of honoring PeaceBuilders who go beyond all expectations, PeacePartners, Inc. recognizes several “National PeaceBuilders” throughout the year. These exceptional people work unselfishly to build peace in their homes, in their schools and in their communities; and in so doing they make the world a better place for all of us. Join us in celebrating each and every one of them for their contributions in creating safer, more peaceful learning environments.

May 2009
What makes the PeaceBuilders program so special? People, like Tresa Euper, who take the six principles to heart.
Tresa is an inspirational leader. As the school counselor at Francis Elementary, she uses PeaceBuilding strategies to help students learn to be responsible for their own actions and to encourage their feelings of success and achievement. She says this has definitely improved their behavior.

What Tresa is not so quick to acknowledge is her own powerful contributions. No doubt, her colleagues agree that she sets a peaceful tone at Francis Elementary. Certainly, the children she works with sense and respond positively to her sincere PeaceBuilding nature. We at PeacePartners have also been inspired by her enthusiasm and her contributions to our larger PeaceBuilders community.

Tresa is involved and engaged in building peace on many levels: with individuals, with her colleagues and the children at Francis Elementary, with other PeaceBuilders sites, and around the globe through involvement in events like Pennies for Peace™.

Her genuine kindness and generous nature make Tresa easy to talk to and a joy to work with. She is always willing to share ideas and information--and most importantly, her time-to help others. Her passion for peace is infectious and inspiring. Tresa Euper is a woman worth emulating and a very worthy recipient of the honor of PeaceBuilder of the Month.

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