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Monica Andrews is a very wise person and a very experienced PeaceBuilder. She is an inspired trainer with a vast knowledge of the program and an infectious enthusiasm. Being a PeaceBuilder is who she is and what she does twenty-four hours a day. Monica enjoys knowing that the work she does improves the lives of young people.
Elizabeth Bolla has been a PeaceBuilder since being trained as a teacher in 1998. She says that training and her first year experience as a PeaceBuilders teacher was a transformation. Now she enjoys conducting PeaceBuilders trainings herself because she gets to work with adults to share the magic of the PeaceBuilders program.
Donna Burcher believes that the PeaceBuilders program has the power to transform people. She knows that being a PeaceBuilder is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. The best thing about being a PeaceBuilders trainer, she says, is coaching adults to model the principles so they can inspire children to become the PeaceBuilders leaders of the future.
Anthony Bustos is a PeaceBuilder at heart, and he takes being a PeaceBuilders trainer very seriously. Along with knowledge about the PeaceBuilders program and its real-life applications, he brings fun and energy to every training he conducts.
Sheila Carter has been a PeaceBuilder for many years, first as a teacher at a PeaceBuilders site, and now as a trainer. She loves meeting people who share her desire to build peaceful environments. She enjoys training because it gives her the opportunity to share her passion.
Ellen Contente has been a PeaceBuilder for a number of years. She is very passionate about creating peaceful environments at school, home, and in the corporate workplace. Ellen brings a unique blend of knowledge, wisdom and life experience to her trainings. She is also a Certified Parenting Instructor and the creator of "Heart-Centered Programs." As the mother of twins, she practices what she teaches every day and loves to share her "Peace Vision" with others.
Carol Cox is an independent businesswoman with a passion for spreading peace. She enjoys being a PeaceBuilders trainer because it gives her the opportunity to meet people across the country and share the message. The bottom line, she says, is for us all to do our best to help people be better human beings. PeaceBuilders gives her an avenue and a strategy to do just that.
Joseph Di Salvo has been involved in education for over 30 years as a teacher, an elementary and middle school principal, and now as an executive board member on the Santa Clara County School Board Association. He is also a dedicated PeaceBuilder and a personable and knowledgeable trainer. Whether conducting a training or working in the community, Joe builds peace through his consistent modeling of the PeaceBuilders Principles.
Amaal Ghneim brings both enthusiasm and intellect to the trainings she conducts. She is a strong and sincere PeaceBuilder who advocates teaching the practice of PeaceBuilding to youth because they are the leaders of the future. Amaal contends that education is the strongest force we have to counteract ignorance and intolerance. She strives to lead by example and encourages other adults who work with youth to do the same in order to spread the peace.
Betsy Haas has been inspiring people for many years. She is a versatile, humorous, compassionate wise person who believes that each of us can make a difference in the world. She has a wealth of experience in motivational speaking and training and makes every PeaceBuilders training fun, informative and meaningful.
Vickie Jessen has been a PeaceBuilders wise person for hundreds of children and just as many adults for many years. Her knowledge about the program and her ability to develop exciting ways to motivate children and staff to practice building peace make her a valuable PeaceBuilders colleague. All her expertise and her enthusiasm make her an extraordinary trainer.
Kristi Kelly has been involved with PeaceBuilders since 2000. She says she loves being a PeaceBuilders trainer because it allows her to spread peace and to work with other people who share the same vision. For Kristi, PeaceBuilders is a way of life, and she is on a mission to encourage others to join her in her journey.
Laura Meth had a varied professional life, and in every position she's held, she has worked to build peace. As a middle school teacher and basketball coach, as an analyst, as an engineer, and as a PeaceBuilders Support Coach and Trainer, Laura leads by example. She believes that PeaceBuilders should be a way of life for all people of all ages and in all settings. Every school, company, family and friendship can benefit from PeaceBuilders.
Michelle Molina is brimming with ideas and solutions. Her knowledge about the PeaceBuilders program and about how to engage and excite young people and the adults who work with them make her an extraordinary trainer and a powerful PeaceBuilder. She knows the difference PeaceBuilders can make in a life and at a site and wants to share it with the world.
Gayle Mondt is an enthusiastic trainer who loves knowing that she’s making a difference by coaching adults to use the PeaceBuilders program. As she trains, she says, she is “planting seeds of change.” The PeaceBuilders program has been life altering for her and she is proud to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with others.
Angie Pleasant is a PeaceBuilder through and through. Her positive point of view and her unflappable belief that we are all responsible for increasing peace in our environment make her a fantastic trainer and a wise person. Angie loves to train and every training she conducts is as vibrant and fun as she is.
Claudette Powers has a passion for peace. Before, during and after a training she models the PeaceBuilders Principles. For Claudette, being a PeaceBuilder is like breathing: she has to do it; she has no choice. She brings both a sense of calm and an excitement for PeaceBuilders to every training she does and to every person she meets.
Mikomi Salaam-Williams is an experienced teacher and trainer. Her classroom experience includes teaching at the elementary school level as well as with at-risk teens in an alternative school setting. She continues to work as an educational consultant advocating for equal education for foster youth. The thing she loves most about being involved with PeaceBuilders is that the principles work for all people beyond the bounds of age, race and culture.
Donna Sansone has had first hand experience with the PeaceBuilders program as a principal of a school that faithfully implemented the program. She saw the transformation that was made in her school community after PeaceBuilders was implemented. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about sharing this PeaceBuilding program with others.
Howard Schwartz has been in the field of education for many years and knows the necessity of creating a peaceful environment in which young people feel safe so they can learn. He brings much experience and a thorough knowledge of the PeaceBuilders program to all the trainings he conducts.
Myrna Shock has been a PeaceBuilder in her community for many years, helping children embrace and practice PeaceBuilders in schools and at a PeaceBuilders camp. She believes that PeaceBuilders impacts communities through positive changes in the lives of children and adults. She is an exceptional trainer due to her practical experience and her sincere enthusiasm for the PeaceBuilders way of life.
Toby Smith is a very wise person. As a principal she implemented PeaceBuilders beyond all expectations. Children and staff thrived as they practiced building peace everyday. As a trainer, she is full of knowledge and wonderful implementation ideas. Toby is a PeaceBuilder at heart and it comes through in her interactions whether as an administrator or as a trainer.
Steve Thom is a skilled trainer who brings a vast knowledge about how to resolve conflicts and how to build peace to all the people he trains. He is determined to help every site effectively implement PeaceBuilders so the staff and young people can thrive. He enjoys seeing the positive changes that PeaceBuilders brings about.
Loran Thompson brings a wealth of experience with at-risk youth and a powerful positive energy to her work as a PeaceBuilder. She is a veteran trainer with an engaging style and an abundance of knowledge. During trainings, Loran offers many ideas for practical application of the program and definitely demonstrates the power and the pleasure of implementing PeaceBuilders.
Carol Trujillo is a PeaceBuilders role-model. She is a master at helping people use PeaceBuilders to solve problems and build relationships. Her empathy and her sense of fairness make her an exceptional leader. Her knowledge and passion make her an inspired trainer.
Linda Woodbury is an experienced trainer who believes in the power PeaceBuilders has to impact whole communities with its peaceful and practical principles. Her encouraging and open personality brings a transparency to her trainings as she shares from her heart how PeaceBuilders has transformed her as a wife, mother, friend and volunteer. Linda feels blessed to be able to witness similar transformations in the lives of those she trains!

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