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PeacePartners, Inc. honors our valued partners by celebrating their passion for peace, their creative ideas, and the wonderful implementation strategies they incorporate.

As we continue to support our partners, it is our privilege to showcase PeaceBuilders sites. Don't just take our word for it. Read about some featured sites as they explored their problems, developed their PeaceBuilders solution, and discovered positive outcomes! We invite you to sit back and explore the fantastic PeaceBuilding events happening throughout the United States and U.S. Territories.

Meredith-Dunn School - Louisville, KY
Teachers and educators are clever, creative people. A lot of thought and preparation goes into engaging children and teens and helping them enjoy the process of learning. Wise adults at PeaceBuilders sites across North America and in U.S. territories continually amaze us with the brilliance of their ideas and the depth of their commitment when helping young people learn to build peace.

Meredith-Dunn is a kindergarten through eighth grade school that supports and empowers children with learning differences. PeaceBuilders is a way of life at this remarkable site where children who learn differently become accomplished, resilient students and citizens.

The mascot at Meredith-Dunn School is the eagle, a strong, proud animal that exemplifies the people who work and learn here. Their mascot, however, represents only part of the identity shared by staff and students. These proud, strong eagles are also dedicated, powerful PeaceBuilders!

As an illustration of their character and identity, the folks at Meredith-Dunn created an extraordinary display-a beautiful, noble eagle.

The colorful feathers on this fantastic creation are made of an unexpected item.

Look closely, can you identify the feathers?

Surprise! Hundreds of PraiseNotes have been written to students and staff then folded to form the feathers of this PeaceBuilding eagle.

The PeaceBuilders program, when implemented faithfully, becomes ensconced in all aspects of a site's daily operations. PeaceBuilders lessons are included in the academic curriculum and are part of the social fabric that makes each site unique. PeaceBuilding becomes the culture, as it has done at Meredith-Dunn School where the staff is creative and adaptable and the students are capable and courageous.

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