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PeacePartners, Inc. honors our valued partners by celebrating their passion for peace, their creative ideas, and the wonderful implementation strategies they incorporate.

As we continue to support our partners, it is our privilege to showcase PeaceBuilders sites. Don't just take our word for it. Read about some featured sites as they explored their problems, developed their PeaceBuilders solution, and discovered positive outcomes! We invite you to sit back and explore the fantastic PeaceBuilding events happening throughout the United States and U.S. Territories.

Ben Painter Elementary - San Jose, CA
Ms. Cyndi MacDonald’s 4th and 5th grade students are practicing the PeaceBuilders Principles by doing more than their fair share to support our U.S. troops stationed in conflict regions.

Each Friday, they work on a project to show troops how much they appreciate all they do to ensure our freedom and to spread peace and democracy to the Middle East.

Every student in the class participated in the American Legion’s “I Thank the Veterans for My Freedom” essay contest.
The class received flags and an ice cream party for their participation. Students in Ms. MacDonald’s class won first, second and third prize in the contest!
Their first care package of the year was entitled “Patriotic Ghosts.” They wrapped Tootsie Pops in red, white and blue napkins tied with a ribbon.
The class made over 400 “Patriotic Ghosts” and sent them to the troops.
For a Thanksgiving care package the children participated in “Operation Turkey Jerky.”
They colored and cut out paper turkeys and tied three pieces of beef jerky together to make it look like the turkey was sitting on a log. Imagine the smiles on soldiers’ faces when they opened those packages!
At Christmas, the children put together 5000 Santa Stockings to remind troops that they were in the children’s thoughts and in their hearts.
You can tell by the smiles on their faces that practicing the PeaceBuilders Principle Help Others makes the children as happy as it does the soldiers who receive the care packages—an important lesson Ms. MacDonald’s students are learning through their support of the troops.
The children used their artistic talent to design stationary for the troops that they can use to write their letters home. The students came up with multiple designs and voted on the top four. Ms. MacDonald made color copies of the winning designs.
They rolled the stationary into a scroll, added an envelope and a pen, wrapped it all up in a pretty package, and off it went to lift the spirits of our troops in the Middle East.
For their spring care package, Ms. MacDonald’s class worked together on “Operation Funny Bunny.”
With the help of members of the Alum Rock School Board they assembled 4000 eggs that included hard candies, stickers, and other surprises.
All year, the students worked to show their support for the men and women who are stationed in regions of conflict. Ms. MacDonald says it is her goal to make sure that compassion is part of the curriculum in her classroom, so she developed this program she calls “Lessons in Humanity.”

As PeaceBuilders, the students in Cyndi MacDonald’s class understand the importance of Praising People, Noticing Hurts, Righting Wrongs, and Helping Others since these are some of the Principles in the PeaceBuilders Pledge they know so well. The way they put these particular Principles into practice, though, is extraordinarily kind and thoughtful. It requires a lot of time and effort, but they all do it with a joy that is only known by those who truly care about Helping Others.

We praise Ms. MacDonald and every one of her students for reaching far across the ocean and around the world to increase peace and to support the men and women who are doing so much to support all of us here at home.

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