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PeacePartners, Inc. honors our valued partners by celebrating their passion for peace, their creative ideas, and the wonderful implementation strategies they incorporate.

As we continue to support our partners, it is our privilege to showcase PeaceBuilders sites. Don't just take our word for it. Read about some featured sites as they explored their problems, developed their PeaceBuilders solution, and discovered positive outcomes! We invite you to sit back and explore the fantastic PeaceBuilding events happening throughout the United States and U.S. Territories.

William S. Reyes Elementary School - Saipan, North Mariana Islands
When the staff at William S. Reyes Elementary School in Saipan, in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, heard that PeaceBuilders across the U.S. were participating in a Pennies for Peace™ penny drive, they signed right up. Helping others is a common practice at this PeaceBuilders school.

Led by the Student Council (STUCO), students at WSR Elementary set a lofty goal of $400. And once they had decided on a goal, the students got busy making sure they achieved it. STUCO leaders took the initiative to lead the campaign by making announcements, collecting, and counting the money they raised.

Although these young people don't enjoy a lot of "extras" themselves, buckets overflowing with change were collected by students at WSR.

As the deadline neared, it became clear they were not going to meet their goal. They were still 100 dollars short--and students had done all they could to promote the campaign and gather change in their community. So, the amazing, philanthropic STUCO officers made a motion to donate 100 dollars from their own student account funds! According to STUCO advisor, Counselor Becky Flores, "They are really supportive of the PeaceBuilders program."

STUCO leaders and their adult advisors proudly hold their check for $400!

Of course, the wise and fun-loving staff at WSR Elementary did what they could to make reaching the goal fun and rewarding for students.

STUCO advisors, Principal Lynette Villagomez, Vice Principal Naomi Nishimura and Counselor Becky Flores, promised to dance and sing while wearing costumes during their April flag ceremony if the goal was met.

Counselor and PeaceBuilders Coordinator Becky Flores dressed up in a spectacular Peter Rabbit costume.

Principal Lynette Villagomez dressed like a cracked, yet beautifully decorated, Humpty Dumpty.

Vice Principal Naomi Nishimura was an enchanting flower in bloom.

To reward and entertain the children, the three inspiring women sang, performed a PeaceBuilders Humpty Dumpty rap, and danced like PeaceBuilding cartoons.

The students and staff loved it so much that Ms. Villagomez, Ms. Nishimura and Ms. Flores were obliged to perform an encore: an Alvin and the Chipmunks remix.

According to Becky Flores, "We all had fun, but what was important was the lesson learned from this: we can all help support peace throughout the world with our small donation. This small amount can go a long way."

The PeaceBuilders on this small island community are wise people. They know that happiness is not a product of money, fame or power. Happiness comes to those who find ways to make a positive difference in the world.

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